Lots of Windows

September and the beginning of October has brought on the arrival of Autumn along with unpredictable weather, one day we are in jumpers and the next back to tee shirts, but even on the warm days the nights are starting to get a bit chilly. September also saw the arrival of Minami and Wataru and with winter approaching we started  preparing some of the vegetable beds ready for next spring. We have also been busy getting some of our windows double glazed, these have been removed, sanded, routered ( to allow for the thickness of the units ) and re-painted, the freezer room, bathroom, kitchen and one of the living room windows are now finished and installed. I’m not very good with silicon, but after doing 25 panes of glass I think I’m starting to improve ( just a little ). It would have been nice to have got the other living room window done but I don’t think we’ll risk taking it out this late in the year. We have also started work on the cellar, most of the old clay plaster has been removed and the rat holes have been filled up.

The walk way now has a floor and a trap door for storage and the window frames are completed, they are just waiting for the glass to go in. One thing we hadn’t thought about until it rained was that we no longer have a pathway to the bathroom so just before they left  Minami and Wataru dug out the path and started laying the stones, which I have now shuttered and finished just in time for the Autumn rains to arrive.

The cooler weather does have it’s advantages one of them being that Joe has started making bread again, it’s not cold enough to light the wood burning oven but is cool enough to have the oven back on. The jarring of vegetables and chutneys has continued but we are running out of shelf space! Our diet has been expanded by the arrival of a lamb that we got from a neighbour and hopefully this winter we will have a supply of cider, if not at least we’ll have more cider vinegar 🙂

Joe has now fitted mouse guards to the bee hives, they weren’t very happy about the intrusion so he has now had his first sting ! The ducks have now started to lay eggs and we have been able to see that we have 9 males and 6 females. 2 of the males are going to a new home so they have been saved from going in the freezer.

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