Active August

With great relief the weather has started to cool off a bit in August and we have finally had some rain, which was perfect timing for our next couple of volunteers to arrive. First to arrive was James who helped get the bathroom and freezer room windows sanded, the extension roof tiled and among other things started to plane the floorboards for the raised floor area. Then Iris arrived to help finish off the windows, which are now just waiting for the glass to go in, cob plastered the extension wall and finished the lime painting, while I finished off the freezer room. Joe then got all the electrics done so the only thing left to do in the freezer room is the floor, but we haven’t decided on what we are going to do with that yet, and paint the door. The joists are all down ready for the flooring to be laid, when we have finished planing them, and the corn shed area has all been cleaned off and linseeded. So all in all we are pleased at what we have managed to get done with the covered walkway in the last 4 weeks.

With the help of our volunteers we  have also managed to jar our lutenitsa (tomato sauce), plums, gherkins and with Iris’s help we made some sauerkraut ready for winter and stock up on our sausage supplies with meat we had in the freezer from last year. While we had help available we also got our wood delivered ready for winter, even though we still have quite a bit left over from last years supplies we still decided to get 6 tonnes delivered as it was at a good price and most of it came ready to go in the fire with only a small pile that we will have to chop ourselves. We all had a well deserved day off and went to visit Arbanasi which we’d never been to followed by a trip into Veliko Tarnovo. We have been to Veliko Tarnovo a few times now and always managed to time looking round the art and craft shops when they were shut, but this time they were open, it took a lot of self control not to spend anything, but I managed it :-). Our helpers have now gone so we have 3 weeks on our own until the next couple arrive so we have decided to go away for a few days into the mountains.

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