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Koledari on Christmas Day

Christmas in Bulgaria, 2014

We weren’t quite sure what to expect from a Christmas in Bulgaria. We’d researched about the traditions observed here and got a lot of different information, but still couldn’t find out what happened locally. Most of our Bulgarian neighbours went to stay with their families in Popovo, so our neighbourhood felt quite deserted on Christmas Eve, with nobody about. In…

Night time on the porch

Things that go bump in the night

During the day our new house is delightful, even in the morning fog. But once the sun drops over the horizon, and darkness crawls up to the house, it can sometimes seem a bit creepy. During the day the garden is alive with birds, but the night-time is the domain of things that rustle alarmingly in the hedges, or our neighbours…

It's all white now!

A taste of winter

We’ve had our first little taste of winter this weekend, with falling temperatures and a covering of snow. We’ve had it quite light, folks up in the mountains nearby have had a lot more than us! Still, it’s really helped us to see what the winter months will bring when they arrive properly. It seems strange that we were in…