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Ivanovo monastery

Visitors from home

We have had our first visitors from the UK this month. My Mum, Jenny, and my step-dad Alan came to see us. We’re not really ready for visitors to stay, so we booked them into a little hotel in Popovo for their three day stay. We were both quite nervous about our first guests; how would they see Bulgaria, and what would…

Entrance to the monument

A trip to Shumen

We took some Bulgarian friends to Shumen today, so we had the opportunity to visit the ‘Monument to 1300 years of Bulgaria’, which sits above the city on the Shumen Plateau. You can see the monument from miles away as you approach the city, and it dominates the landscape, like so much public art from the Communist era. Created by Bulgarian sculptors…

Plovdiv Old Town

Day 8 Elhovo to Plovdiv

Our visit to Chris and Val marked the end of our scheduled meeting and property viewings. Our last week in Bulgaria was completely our own. We decided that we would like to revisit some areas we’d been through, but first we wanted to visit the city of Plovdiv before heading back north to Veliko Tarnovo. We had hoped to visit…