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Sunset in the Balkans

Day 5 Palamartsa to Rakovo

Today was spent mostly looking at houses in the area around Palamartsa, before taking a leisurely drive into the hills around Sliven area. We had no particular idea of where we were headed, just that we fancied seeing a bit of really remote countryside and villages, to see what life could be like far away from anything. The highlight of…

Our evening meal

Day 4 Byala to Palamartsa

After a very uncomfortable night in the car at the truck-stop we went to Polsko Kosovo to quiz Sue, our next unsuspecting ex-pat, on life in Bulgaria, where we saw the biggest grapes I had ever seen!! After some lovely home-made cake and plenty of coffee we¬† headed to Palamartsa. By this time we really needed a bit of comfort…