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Night time on the porch

Things that go bump in the night

During the day our new house is delightful, even in the morning fog. But once the sun drops over the horizon, and darkness crawls up to the house, it can sometimes seem a bit creepy. During the day the garden is alive with birds, but the night-time is the domain of things that rustle alarmingly in the hedges, or our neighbours…

Winter crocuses

October update

We’ve just realised it’s been ages since we posted anything, so this is a broad update on what we’ve been up to! We’re now officially resident in Bulgaria; we got our residency ID cards, and the car is now registered on Bulgarian plates. We were so pleased to have the help of Yonko, our advocate, to help with this, as…

Clara with Whitey and Choco

Unexpected visitors

We have always said we don’t want any animals until next year, so imagine our surprise when we ended up playing host to a volunteer, two goats, two horses and a dog! A friend we had met earlier in Bulgaria needed help with temporarily housing some animals she was looking after. It’s a long and complicated story, and isn’t ours to…