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Our plaited garlic

July update

The last month has been a bit of a strange month. We’ve been having a break from hosting volunteers; it’s hard work having volunteers! There’s the extra cooking (you can’t just have toast for dinner when you con’t be bothered to cook!), and then you have to find work for people to do which isn’t always as easy as it…

Homeless sparrows

Homeless sparrow
Homeless sparrow

Our house is home to lots of creatures, some welcome, some not so much. This little fellow is most welcome to stay in his new home in our porch as long as he wants. The swallows might not be too chuffed when they get back in the spring though!

Caught a rat

Sad tasks

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games here in Bulgaria. We are creating a food-rich environment for ourselves, and lots of other pests are keen to get in on the game. This includes numerous mice, rats and moles, as well as moths etc. Having tried various methods of dissuading the rats we’ve resorted to trapping them; they managed to spring…

The toad in the woodpile

The toad in the woodpile

We have a resident toad, a European Green Toad , who lives in our woodpile. For a while he was a solitary toad, but has now been joined by two much smaller toads, named Linford and Flo-Jo, because they’re very fast over short distances. It gets quite tricky walking around in the evening for hopping toads underfoot, so we always…