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Hardcore ravers in the kitchen

How time flies

The 5th of August was our 1 year anniversary since we bought the house. It’s strange, in one way it doesn’t seem that long ago but in another it seems like we have been here for a lot longer. The house is finally starting to feel like home. I would say for the first 6 months it didn’t really have…

Tree maintenance

May update

One day there will be a day without fruit to prepare or pick, but today is not that day. May started off quietly enough with a bit of tree maintenance, mulching and adding compost to the trees, and building our reed bed with our helpers Christie and Jessie, but now it’s just descended into fruit madness. We have managed to…

First test firing

Rocket stoves and Hugel beds

We’ve had a couple of extra helpers visiting for a few days last week. Anna and Olof are on a round-the-world trip, visiting various projects and learning about self-sufficiency, and practising permaculture. Danni and Richard are still here, but Anna and Olof’s interests (permaculture and rocket stoves) seemed too good to pass up! It was a hectic few days, with…