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Experiments with food, new recipes and techniques.

Cabbage and salt

Making Sauerkraut

One of the things I’ve fancied having a go at making is sauerkraut. All that lacto-fermentation stuff sounds really interesting, so now, when the market in Popovo is laden with humongous cabbages, seems ┬álike a good time to try it out. I found a decent sounding recipe, and bought a cabbage. Because it was my first go, I only wanted…

Drying sausages

Making sausages

I’d just starting to plaster the ceiling when Galia one of our neighbours came round with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Did I want to learn how to make sausages? So I downed tools and grabbed the phrase book, this was going to be a challenge. I usually rely on Joe to do the talking and I’ve rarely had to…

Apple cordial

Surplus apples

One of the problems we’ve found has been dealing with the huge amount of fruit that ripens all at the same time. We’ve got so many apples, it’s been hard knowing what to do with them all. We’ve got loads peeled and frozen, ready for pies and crumbles in the winter, some that are in really good condition are being…