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Some interesting facts about Bulgaria. If you have any more to include, please feel free to send them to us!

camping sign

Camping in Bulgaria

Be careful what you ask for! During our tour of Bulgaria we had really struggled to find camp-sites. We had seen loads of them marked on our map, but had been met with a mixture of truck-stops, seedy cabins and run-down facilities. The exceptions seemed to be those campsites run by English people, such as the excellent Camping Veliko Tarnovo.…

Bulgarian music in space

Izlel e Delyo haidutin „Излел е Дельо хайдутин” [audio] (mp3 from The spaceship Voyager has a large collection of Earth music recorded on it, for the entertainment of any alien species it might encounter on it’s mission. This is one of them a piece of Bulgarian music from the singer, Valia Balkanska. The lyrics go something like; Izlel e Delyo…


Bulgaria is about the only country in the world that shakes their heads to say yes, and nods for no. This causes much confusion for foreign travellers! In Kalofer we had been trying to buy cigarettes from small shops. We’d gone in asking for them and they said something, and shook their heads, so we said thank you and walked out. With hindsight, they probably did sell them and were confused as to why we’d left without buying any!

One of the people we met related the story of his first visit to Bulgaria and they’d been in a restaurant ordering food. Each dish they asked for the waitress shook hear head and looked sternly at them. After asking for lots of other things, to be met with the same response, they finally decided that they would just have a coffee and then try somewhere else. Half an hour later the waitress brought out these twenty or so dishes that they’d ordered! She was very good natured about their mistake, and packed all the left-over food for them to take away.