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Day-to-day diary entries

Living room

Living room, sorted!

It’s been well over two months since our last update so I thought it’s about time I wrote an update especially since I now have a new keyboard for my laptop so I no longer have an excuse to keep putting it off. We’ve had quite a busy March/April/May and we’ve been back to the UK for a couple of…

The sun came out

We spoke too soon

The decision to remove the living room ceiling due to the weather being so mild was a bit premature. The long range forecast started showing we were in for a lot of snow and freezing temperatures. Usually the fire in the living room also warms our bedroom as well, but with having no ceiling in the living room we obviously…

The front of the house

We now have a better house

It’s been 3 years since we bought our house and started our new life in Bulgaria, it’s very easy to look at all the work there is still to do and we don’t often look at what we have all ready accomplished. So to celebrate our 3 year anniversary we have decided to take some new photos of the parts…