Demolition time

The new year didn’t start to well, one of our freezers decided to pack in. It was here when we bought the house so we don’t know how old it was but we’ve had 5 years out of it. Fortunately for us last year we jarred all of out fruit and vegetables and instead of freezing a lot of our pigs they had been made into hams and processed so we didn’t have any large lumps of meat in the other freezer taking up space, so we managed to get everything into our remaining freezer and nothing was wasted.

Our mild winter has continued so work on the new beds for our vegetables has progressed well. At the moment, with help from a friend, we have 17 beds finished manured and ready to go for summer planting, so should easily get them finished this year. The fruit trees have all been pruned and we have had a major clear up around the orchard of previously pruned wood. We have cleared a part of the garden that we don’t use because it is under the walnut trees to store all the tiles we are removing from the old beds. The open barn and old long drop toilet has also had a good clear out, we have been using these as  general dumping areas since we got the house and came across items we had forgotten we had like an old spinning wheel and a couple of wooden trenchers. These are now stored in our recently tidied out corn shed.

Joe has been busy re organising the work shop, the main job in there was to build a stand for the lathe to get it off the floor, that is now done. He has also been updating the storage for all the tools. We have started to use up some of the off cuts we’ve had lying around so I built some shelves for the kitchen alcoves and Joe used the lathe to make some  handles for the kitchen draws. He also made a nice egg stand with turned feet for the kitchen.

Our winter planting didn’t go well this year. Some broad beans came up and the lettuce has done well but no peas or spinach came up. We are not sure if it was because we have lost some of the soil structure with re building the beds or if it was because the weather has fluctuated a lot over winter from being in the high teens to freezing in a couple of days then back up again . The spinach has now been re-sown and is coming up and the peas, broad beans and french beans have been sown in toilet roll tubes so we’ll see how they do. The tomato seeds have all ready sprouted and yet again it looks like I’ll have too many but they’ll always do for swapping.

My daughter Sarah came over again, this time she wanted to see what Bulgaria was like in the winter, but we had no snow and no freezing temperatures so it was more like the UK in October. We did get her put to work helping clear the garden at the other house and we spent some time stocking up our pork pies and sausage supplies. We all went to a macramé workshop in the near by village of Voditsa to make a tea light holder, we didn’t manage to get them finished in the class but me and Sarah got ours done before she went home.

We were going to update the summer house this spring, just a bit of painting and decorating, but as we’ve had to cancel our volunteers we are leaving that for this year and have made a start on our summer kitchen. Even though a lot of businesses are shut at the moment our local DIY shop is still doing deliveries so we should have no problems getting the materials here. We can’t believe what is happening in the UK our local shop and the small independent super market we use are still well stocked  although we have heard some of the large chain super markets have empty shelves that doesn’t affect us because we don’t use them.

  4 comments for “Demolition time

  1. Jenny
    March 20, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    Have you thought of getting a poly tunnel, so that more delicate produce is not subject to the vagaries of the seasons? Interesting reading. Good to know you are not suffering with the world crisis. Do you intend using the spinning wheel? Lots of love xxxx

    • Julie
      March 20, 2020 at 9:54 pm

      The spinning wheel is well past its best and a bit wood wormy. We have 2 beds totalling 6m x 1m that are covered in plastic for winter planting and that will have to do us. We don’t want to add more plastic to the garden when we don’t really need the early crops it’s just nice to have some fresh veg early in the season. xx

  2. Carol Mitchell
    March 21, 2020 at 12:59 am

    glad to hear you are well on the way to another productive season …… we are in self-isolation …over 70 and allowed out to shop … but nothing else is open… pubs, clubs, cinemas. Even the churches are closed for services although they are open for quiet contemplation…. very strange atmosphere …. very best wishes from Penrith … confined to barracks x

    • Julie
      March 21, 2020 at 6:05 pm

      Less than 2 weeks ago everything here was normal. Then the number of positive corona virus tests hit 20. That resulted in the closure of all theatres, football stadiums and other large venues. A couple of days later we went into a state of emergency and all discos, restaurants and bars were closed quickly followed by most shops. At the moment any small shops that are open are only allowed 2 people in at a time, the bigger supermarkets have hand sanitisers as you go in. Only people over 60 are allowed to shop between 8.30 and 10.30 am after that they are advised to stay at home.They are regularly disinfecting the streets of our local town. The main towns are on lock down, no one in or out without paper work to say why you are travelling. Some areas in the larger cities also now have a curfew and our borders are closed to everyone unless you are Bulgarian, have a residency permit or are a lorry delivering goods. The main stadiums in sofia and in the other large cities are being set up as a field hospitals. All this in less than 2 weeks and we have less than 200 confirmed cases. Oh and the village shops and supermarkets are well stocked, no sign of panic buying here.We are keeping our selves to ourselves, but then we do that a lot anyway. Stay safe and enjoy time in your garden. xx

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