I think (hope) we’re ready

The weather continues to be kind to us, warmer than the last couple of years and definitely not as wet as last year. This has allowed us to get well ahead with getting ready for winter, it has also helped that we have had some great volunteers giving us a hand. They have helped us  get the windows put in the covered walkway, harvesting and preserving the last of our vegetables ( still got a few cabbages left in the garden ) but mainly we’ve been getting the wood sorted. We have removed one of the carnelian cherries and an old pear tree, but have planted 2 apricots, 2 pears, 2 victoria plums and 2 apple trees. The path down the back of the house has finally been cleared ( 2 years overdue 🙂 the apple trees have been pruned and all the vegetable beds have been weeded, composted and mulched ready for winter. A couple of the beds have been extended and the spinach, garlic and onions have gone in for next year. Last year we didn’t get all the wood chopped ready to go in the pechka but this year it is all chopped and neatly stacked in the barn, it’s so great to be able to see it all sitting there ready to use, unlike last year when we were chopping it up throughout the winter.The water pit has been filled with straw, we are not making the same mistake as last year when we left it too long and it froze.We have even got the carpets down in the living room and the bedroom so of an evening it feels really cosy 🙂

Not sure if it is a sign of a bad winter coming or just that we are increasing the biodiversity in the garden but we have noticed an increase in the amount of critters coming into the house most of these are not a problem they are welcome to stay, but there are some exceptions. Firstly the wolf spiders, up until recently we had only ever seen one, but now we must have evicted at least seven from the house, don’t get me wrong I know they are useful but when they have hundreds of babies on their back I’m sorry but they have to go, they can live in the barn and secondly the mice we even found a couple in the toilet, not just in the bathroom but actually in the toilet!

In our spare time we have started going to Bulgarian classes twice a week, I’m in beginners ( no surprise there ) and Joe is in the more advanced class. I thought it would be mainly speaking but our classes have started off with writing. It really is like learning how to write all over again, I’ve got a couple of books with letters in it and little arrows so you know how to form the letters yes it’s like being a 5 year old again 🙂 But it is paying off, our neighbour wrote a recipe down and I could actually read it, I’m not sure who was more surprised me or her 🙂

We have also had a couple of late nights with friends and volunteers  sampling the pea-pod wine and our home made cider and judging by the hangovers some people have had ( not me of course) I would say it’s pretty strong stuff 🙂

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