I’m feeling hot, hot, hot!

It’s been a while since we did one of our normal update posts the reason being we haven’t been doing much. We do have some excuses for our lack of progress, ok first excuse I unexpectedly ended up going back to the UK for just over two weeks so wasn’t here to keep an eye on things 🙂 While I was away Joe hadn’t been idle, he’d just been pre-occupied sorting some things out at a friend’s house which, like anything here, took longer than expected. The bees had also gone into honey production mode so he had to make frames for our hives.  Second excuse we’ve been socialising, we had a lovely day at Opaka pool with friends, went to a music concert, been out for meals, had friends visit us and us visiting friends and generally hanging out at the bar. The main reason for all this socialising is our third excuse, THE SUN, it’s been really hot, and I mean really hot. It’s been over 30ÂșC for what feels like forever and some days it’s touching 40ÂșC and that’s in the shade. So on an ideal day we are up at 5am and work outside till about 9am then we retreat inside, but even then doing anything inside seems to sap our energy levels pretty quick and us both suffering from colds hasn’t helped. We do have time in the evening to get some things done when the sun is setting but then the midges come out and we are back inside again. With the heat also comes restless nights again adding to the ” Really can’t be bothered ” feeling and just generally feeling tired, but not too tired to lift a pint glass :-). Our priorities have been keeping the animals stocked up with plenty of water and watering the vegetables. We haven’t had any rain since the middle of June and our water storage containers are now empty so we were having to fill them from the tap. The beds have all been re-mulched and have now got about 4 inch of straw on them to stop them drying out and to cut down on the watering.

We are still filling the animal water containers from the tap but for the vegetables we have bought some more barrels that have been placed around the garden. These we fill up with water from the duck pond. We still have to refill the pond from the tap but at least the veggies are getting fed with liquid duck fertiliser as they are watered. It is also the time of year when people are emptying their animal sheds ready for winter so we have been going round to a friends helping to clear the sheep pens out which gives us loads of compost for next year. We have made two new gates into the animal run and orchard, one was to replace an existing gate that decided to fall to pieces on us :-).

We have started preserving food for winter and so far have, beetroot, tomatoes, gherkins, onions, and peaches in jars and we have pea-pod wine on the go from all the peas we harvested so time will tell how that works out.

Work on the extension has progressed but very slowly. Joe has built the rest of the wall out of limestone and cob bricks that we had lying around and the roof has been felted and battened it just need the tiles put on when we have a cooler day. The cob plastering is now finished in the freezer room, all that is now left to do now is to finish painting it.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 9, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Looking good you pair xx

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