Danny goes on his holidays

It’s that time of year when the sound of a gunshot in the morning is a regular occurrence as people slaughter their animals ready for winter. We have been getting ready to do our pigs and have decided Richard will be the first to go then a week later Danny. One of my concerns was that Danny would be able to see what was happening to Richard and this was praying on my mind, I don’t know if I was anthropomorphising too much but pigs are intelligent social animals and I didn’t want Danny upset.

Anyway rescue was at hand, a neighbour who had recently lost his boar needed one to join his sounder of sows as they were all due to come into season in the next 6 weeks. So Danny has gone on his holidays which is easier said than done.

We have been training the pigs to eat in different areas so we could separate them for slaughter day but this also came in handy for separating Danny off to get him in the trailer. We made a corridor through the hen run and with the help of some food Joe led him into the trailer. Danny seemed really relaxed by the whole event and wasn’t concerned as he drove off.

At his new home he was then led into the enclosure containing the sows, this was a bit more problematic as the enclosure is in a wide open space surrounded by an electric fence. The fence was turned off and as me and the neighbours wife ran around trying to keep 5 sows in the pen Joe led Danny yet again into the area then the fence could be turned back on. He hasn’t come across an electric fence before and received a couple of zaps early on but he is a quick learner and as time went on he soon learned not to touch it.

Danny is only a young pig and has never seen a sow and I doubt he remembers being with all the piglets when he was born but he was great, the sows all accepted him coming into their home and he settled down straight away and with in 5 minutes was chatting up his first girlfriend.

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  1. carol in penrith
    November 15, 2015 at 11:08 am

    What a fabulous life you’ve created for yourselves, and bet the pigs had a lovely time with you. Did they have to go because they are too expensive to keep during the winter? will you sell their meat? will you get any piglets in the spring?
    Very rainy here over the last few days, flood warning in Kendal, but still very warm for the time of year. “Winter Droving” yesterday evening. 5 of us dressed up as sheep and braved the weather for the torch light parade. Health and safety advice by the organisers, as we assembled, was, short and to the point, “be careful of the flames”. Great to see common sense in action.
    Best wishes from Penrith, Carol

    • November 15, 2015 at 11:32 am

      They are going now because all though they will keep growing for a while the cost of food out ways their weight gain. So for meat pigs it works out cheaper to raise them though the summer when you can supplement the food with wind fall fruit and greenery ( weeds ) from the garden. We don’t plan on selling the meat it’s just for our own consumption our plan is to have 2 pigs one year that should see us self sufficient in pork for the next 2 years and the next year we will use the land for raising some poultry for meat then start the cycle again.

      It has been really mild here too and we have had very little rain for the last 5 months ( can only remember about 5 days when it’s rained ) but it does get chilly of an evening. I’d love to see a picture of you dressed up as a sheep if you have one 🙂

      • Anonymous
        November 15, 2015 at 7:37 pm

        hello from rainy Cumbria, although it is warm , you are doing so well and seem so happy , love the sensitive ways you have with your pigs , they are are as you say very intelligent x

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