How time flies

The 5th of August was our 1 year anniversary since we bought the house. It’s strange, in one way it doesn’t seem that long ago but in another it seems like we have been here for a lot longer. The house is finally starting to feel like home. I would say for the first 6 months it didn’t really have that feel but now the bathroom is done and the kitchen is well under way, we have the animals and there’s veggies growing in the garden it definitely feels like our house now.

By way of celebration we had a party and invited all the new friends we have in the village, and  some from further afield. We managed the get the barbecue finished in time, and the kitchen cleaned out so we could use it for food and dancing. We had a great time, and so did everyone else apparently!

We have had 2 new volunteers with us, these are our last ones until mid-September so we made the most of having them around for a couple of weeks. Richard was given mainly wood working to do as that is what he’s good at, although he also did some cobbing, while me and Emma cleaned the mud off the beams then linseeded them before the new floor went in. While Richard got on with the floor Me and Emma got the garden under control which was harder than it sounds as temperatures reached the high 30ºC by 10am but we just did a little each morning till it all got done, then we worked in the kitchen lime plastering when it was too hot to work outside. With the door now knocked through into the living room Emma built us some temporary steps to use until we have time to build some wooden ones. While this was going on Joe installed electrics into the kitchen and carried on the never ending job of plastering.

We have also managed to harvest our first figs and peaches which were lovely, none of them survived long enough to store but they were great while they lasted. We’re still getting loads of tomatoes and courgettes to eat and preserve.


  3 comments for “How time flies

  1. Robyn Richardson
    August 9, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    I am impressed with everything you have accomplished this past year. You are true pioneers! I wish I could pay you a visit.

    • Joe
      August 16, 2015 at 10:38 am

      It’s a long way but if ever you are over here we would love to have you visit

  2. carol in penrith
    August 11, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    What vision, backed up with lots of hard work ….. the party looked fun, wish we could joined you.. How productive your garden has been. We’ve been busy in ours and the results are beginning to come…. first Sungold tomatoes and runner beans this week….. courgettes making a poor showing and overall plums and damsons yield low…. However, we’re really lucky compared to some folks. Went to Edinburgh yesterday for the festival and Mauritz Escher exhibition, wonderful day and avoided the rain here.
    Best wishes Carol in Penrith.

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