Grass Snake (Natrix natrix)

Grass Snake (Natrix Natrix)
Grass Snake (Natrix Natrix)


  • Common name: Grass snake
  • Latin name: Natrix natrix
  • Habitat: Mainly near woodland and field edges, and also near water.
  • Diet: Mainly amphibians; plenty of those in our garden!
  • Length: Females normally about 80-110 cm. Males are often about 50 cm shorter, leading us to believe that this one is a female.
  • Bulgarian name: unknown

We found this little beautiful grass snake¬†outside the house. The cat was playing with it, so it was a bit distressed and adopted a defensive pose when asked for a photograph. We got Fog inside and hid the snake under a tile, where it could make good it’s escape. Not the first snake we’ve seen, but the first we’ve got a really good look at!

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