Rocket stoves and Hugel beds

We’ve had a couple of extra helpers visiting for a few days last week. Anna and Olof are on a round-the-world trip, visiting various projects and learning about self-sufficiency, and practising permaculture. Danni and Richard are still here, but Anna and Olof’s interests (permaculture and rocket stoves) seemed too good to pass up! It was a hectic few days, with six of us rattling around the house, but all our helpers are now in the Summer House, which made things a bit easier on us.

I had wanted to build a prototype rocket stove for a while, and Olof wanted to make one, so we all mucked in, found a load of materials in the sheds and set too making one in the garden. We were quickly joined by friends and an interested Bulgarian friend, and, although I was ill and in bed for most of the time, they did manage to make a full-size rocket stove out of bricks, mud and some sheets metal, as well as two small tin-can stoves.

They all worked, but suffered from not having made-to-measure components. I’m definitely keen to build another, but will get some kit made to suit a proper design.

Meanwhile, Anna wanted to learn to make bread, so Danni got a chance to show off her new skills (she’s been making all our bread since she learned a couple of weeks ago). They also made jam with Julie, and Anna and I made some cheese.

On their last day we spent a lot of time taking about permaculture, and how we could incorporate design principles into our smallholding, which was very interesting. In the afternoon, Olof and I built a Hugelkultur bed, as an experiment for our squashes and tomatoes. We’ll see how that goes!

Anna and Olof are off on the next leg of their trip, which will take them through the Middle-East, Far East and New Zealand, and we wish them all the best in their adventure.

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  1. April 13, 2015 at 11:43 am

    Dear Joe & Julie, thanks for hosting us, we had an amazing time, learnt some great new skills and got a little feel for what real Bulgaria is all about, we’ll cherish our memories and watch closely at your progress. Hoping we will get to meet again some day. Lots of Love Anna & Olof

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