The toad in the woodpile

The toad in the woodpile
The toad in the woodpile

We have a resident toad, a European Green Toad , who lives in our woodpile. For a while he was a solitary toad, but has now been joined by two much smaller toads, named Linford and Flo-Jo, because they’re very fast over short distances. It gets quite tricky walking around in the evening for hopping toads underfoot, so we always walk with a torch so we can avoid them. We’ll have to be very careful burning wood over winter to make sure we don’t accidentally disturb them when they are hibernating!

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  1. Robyn Richardson
    September 10, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    I haven’t seen a toad in years. Toads are considered a sign of good luck!

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