Day 11 Dragizhevo to Iskar Dam

We left Dragizhevo with a bit of a heavy heart as the realisation that our holiday was coming to a close finally hit home and we needed to start heading back to Sofia. But on the way we wanted to have a look at the area around Lovech so made a slight detour north before driving back west to the capital.

We still had one evening left so headed into the mountains south of Sofia and camped at Iskar Dam, near Samokov. We’d tried to find another campsite marked on our map, but again found little chalets, prices by the hour and puzzled expressions when we tried to ask for somewhere to pitch a tent.

Yet again the scenery was stunning and all though there were other campers around the lake they were far enough away that you could feel totally alone and it was so peaceful. Neither of us wanted to return back to the hustle and bustle of the UK, but return we must.

Sunset over Iskar Reservoir
Sunset over Iskar Reservoir

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