Day 9 Plovdiv to Dragizhevo

After a comfortable nights sleep we decided to shower before setting off on our travels. We were a bit surprised to be given a key to one of the cabins near by, to use the shower there. There was a list of prices in the cabin and I was really taken a back on how cheap the rooms were so mentioned this to Joe. On his return from the shower he told me the price was per hour. Everything started to make sense; the bar being open all night, the lack of camping space for tents at these so called camp sites and the reason a truck-stop was down as a campsite on our map!!

After finding a bank and finally being able to change some cash we used the internet to try and track down a campsite close to  Veliko Tarnovo. This was when we found out there was one at Dragizhevo run by an English couple so we decided to head there.

We were pleased to find a campsite with no little cabins, a pool and all the modern facilities you would expect to find. After catching up with the washing we sat down to a pleasant meal with the owners, Nick and Nicky, who like all the other expats we’d met got bombarded with loads of questions. It was here that we learned all about the cabins and the so called campsites.

Camping near Veliko Tarnovo
Camping near Veliko Tarnovo

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